About us

Stilmoda shoe factory was founded in 1976 and immediately stands out for the quality and commitment dedicated to the production of women’s shoes. The company, located in a small village in the province, in the Po Valley, Lombardy, boasts decades of craftsmanship of simple and never banal models.
Gaining great acclaim over the years, Stilmoda is a company that specializes more and more in the production of a quality Italian product, which can be exported all over the world.
The choice of the best materials, certified leathers and craftsmanship allow our customers to obtain comfortable, simple and high quality products.
Stilmoda footwear is characterized by his unmistakable style and offer a touch of luxury without be extravagant. Our collection offers chic comfortable footwear influenced by current trends, in design you will want to wear time after time. 

Stilmoda seeks to evolve every day, getting closer and closer to sustainability and ethics, which is so important today.