Stilmoda belives in ethical approach and sustainable materials

The tannery that produces our leathers has turned into a forest of 4500 m2 which eliminates pollution of 157,406 cars with petrol euro 6 per year.

The painting that is also used is 100% natural and can reduce energy costs between 15% and 50%.

Our leathers received the Gold rated from the Leather Working Group, for their sustainability and for their benevolent environmental impact.

The leather manufacturers audited under the protocol of Working Group represent approximately 20% of the world’s production of footwear leather and approximately 17% of total leather volume.

Our Tannery approach is brought about by optimisation of resources and control of the entire production process. Implementation of a water-recycling system at the liming stage means water savings of 70%.

We therefore believe in the production of sustainable materials and implement processes regarding ethical training. In our company we have fundamental values on which we base our work.